Texplex Round 4: 5-8-2021

The weekend started off with Friday practice sessions running from 10-1pm

We were able to get 4 – 10 lap practices in. The goal for the day was to get 

up to speed quicky and then try to improve on it. We were able to 

accomplish this and got everything cleaned up for the races on Saturday 

morning. It was nice to get to the hotel early and be able to relax a little. 

( Photo Credit Harlen Foley )

Saturday started out with 1000cc practice from 7:30-8:00am. I went out and 

Ran 5 laps just to make sure I could push myself back up to pace quickly. I 

headed off to the 8:30 Drivers meeting and the crew started to get my 

Honda Talon 1000R washed and prepped for the race. 

(Photo Credit Harlen Foley)

Race 1: 

I was staged to the inside to try to get the hole shot. I moved up to the line 

with my class as we were the third wave to go. The starter had me inch up

closer to the line and we were ready to go. They through the flag and I 

dropped the paddle shifters and it hesitated to go. I rounded the first corner

in third place and knew I was going to need to make a quick pass. As we 

came up to Mount Midlothian I new I had to not check up and launch it to 

get by. I sayed in the gas and made the pass into second place. 

By this time Jaden had gapped me a little bit. I put on the charge to try to 

real him in. I could see I was catching him and made the pass on the third 

lap going into the first turn. After the pass I pushed as hard as I could to get 

away and focused forward on the class that had dropped in front of us. I 

worked on catching them and passing quickly to not lose time on the 


After the race we talked about what was happening on the start and came 

up with a plan to see what was affecting the launch.

Race 2: 

I lined up to the inside again and was determined to get the hole shot. The 

Expert Women dropped first, Then Amatuer Women. It was our turn to 

move up to the line.  This time I made sure I was all the way up as to not 

have to inch up. I set my Launch control and the flag was thrown. I got an

awesome launch and pulled the hole shot. 

Photo Credit Harlen Foley 

I focused on running the smoothest, fastest laps I could. The track was 

getting rutted and rough. So smooth and consistent was going to be the 

key. I kept looking ahead to catch the next person in front of me on track. 

Then focused on a quick pass without changing my momentum. I really like 

how Texplex is dropping the other classes in front of us now. We always 

have someone around us to battle with. 

It was a super fun weekend. The track was awesome and really rutted up 

for race 2. The class is growing and so are the entries at Texplex with 200 

plus racers for the day. Happy to get the win and Thankful for everyone 

Who supports my efforts. Without you it would not be possible. Also 

Thankfull for the sponsors of Texplex. Making this possible for them to be 

able to keep having such fun events. If you are a sponsor for Texplex 

Thank You.

( Tex doing an Interview after with Levi Photo Credit Harlen Foley

Thank You to all my sponsors for making this possible. GOD, Progressive 

Powersports, PPEI, Jsportsxs, FOX, Maxxis Tires, Method Wheels, ‚Äč

Bell Racing, Tagger Designs,  Axcel Sport, SSI Decals, HMF, PCI 

Radio’s, Sparco, ABF  

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