TexPlex Round 3 is in the books: (4-18-2021)

Mountains of MUD: Before we even get started….. Awesome Job by the 

Texplex Staff for even pulling this race off. It had poured for two days 

straight leading up to the race. The racers that were already there sunk in 

the mud and the ones that were not there yet. Could not even get into the 

parking area. The texplex crew bladed mud off, pulled people out for hours. 

This was all before anyone even hit the track. 

They had even put time into streamlining 

sign up. They had pre filled out forms ready to sign and keep the line 

moving quickly. So appreciated. 

The race definitely had a different feel to it as people were spread out all 

over. We had the unknown of how the track would be but the racing action

did not disappoint. 

(Photo Credit Harlen Foley )

Levi chose not to practice and get his Ride Progressive, Jsportsxs Honda 

Talon 1000R all weighed down with mud. So Moto1 was the first time he 

was seeing the track. He did not get the best of starts but pushed as hard 

as he could to make up ground. It was his first time racing on the Maxxis 

Ceros tires and as you can see the traction of these tires was AMAZING in 

the mud. 

( Photo Credit Harlen Foley)

He worked his way through not only his class but also some of the 

Amuatuer Girls competitors that dropped in front of them and ended up 

finishing second. 

Everything was cleaned prepped and ready for moto2. Levi made the 

decision to go back to the Maxxis SC-1 tire for this moto as the track was 

tacking up. 

Levi got a great jump and Jaden Lindamood just edge him out going into 

the first turn. Levi pushed hard to make the pass and move himself into 


The battle was on. Ryder Vanbeekum was able to work his way into first 

and left Levi and Jaden to battle it out for second. 

( Photo Credit Harlen Foley)

It was going to come down to the last lap. Levi was running in second and 

Jaden made an aggressive move to push Levi out of the way and into 

second. Levi was not done yet and was determined to get him back. They 

were door to door all the way through the last lap. Coming into the second 

to last corner. Levi had an amazing drive coming in. He was pushing so 

hard he was airborne mid straightway off a big bump. 

( Photo Credit Harlen Foley)

Levi stayed on the gas deep into the corner on the inside to take second 

place back with one corner to go. 

Congratulations to all the drivers. They did an awesome job. Texplex 

had Bootsy doing interviews with the drivers all day. So that was a nice 

touch for the weekend as well. Always good to give these young drivers 

experience at all aspects of the sport. Including interviews. 

Thank You to all my sponsors for making this possible. You guys are 

awesome for getting behind a kid who has never raced a SXS before. 

GOD, Progressive Powersports, PPEI, Jsportsxs, FOX Suspension, 

Maxxis Tires, Method Wheels, ​Kartek Off Road, Bell Racing,

Tagger Designs,  Axcel Sport, SSI Decals, HMF, PCI Radio’s, Sparco 


Can’t wait for round 4 of the Texplex Racing Series

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