TexPlex Race Series Round 2: 3-13-2021

The weekend started out on Friday Morning with the 3 hr drive to TexPlex.

It was kind of nice because we did not have to leave way early in the 

morning. My dad and I got on the road at 7:00am and arrived at the track 

about 10:00am. The office help at Texplex was organized and had 

everything ready for a quick sign in. We head over to the Progressive 

Powersports pit area and started to set up. ( It is great to have an area that 

is saved and they offer AMAZING hospitality on race weekends.  Bobby, 

David, Quinn and the rest of the guys go all out for the team. ) 

12:00 noon hit and it was time for practice. 

I was having a blast with the new track layout and was able to get some 

valuable laps in infront of, with and behind Eddie Ensign. Eddie is new to 

the sport in the amatuer class but really smooth and supper fast. It was 

great to try to learn a little from him while I was around him. I set my fastest 

lap of the weekend while running with Eddie. Practiced wrapped up for the 

day formy group and it was time to clean up and great ready for race day. 

Thanks to Mr. Ensign and George White of Double E Racing I had 

Jambalaya for the first time. It was really good. 

Sunday morning we were on track at 7:00am for practice. The Texplex crew

had both their water trucks break during the day. That did not stop them. 

They had two water trucks delivered and water all night. It was the best we 

have ever seen the track. ( Just started this year ) Tons of grip with 

moisture coming up out of the track. In practice the grip was awesome. 

The Texplex crew hit the track again with water after practice was 

complete and I was in the first race. While we were sitting on the line they 

were still watering out in the back section. So I knew that was still going to 

be slippery. 

The 12+ 1000cc STK class was set to be the third drop. The womens 

Experts were the first drop. Womens Amateurs second drop.  Then us. 

I had a terrible start as I thought I jumped so I let off and then went again to 

not get penalized. Everyone said I had nailed it if I would have just stayed 

in it but I didn’t. I was in second place and Jace was driving really good. I 

knew I needed to get around him fast as we would catch some of the class 

in front of us. I made the pass into first and just worked on consistent laps. 

Trying to look ahead and plan my passes before I got to the next driver. 

Jace and I both passed all the class that dropped in front of us but the 

leader. We did not catch her. She drove a great race. I was fun having 

them out in front of us. 

In the second race I am not sure what I did but it bogged right after the line. 

I went into the first turn in third. I knew I had my work cut out for me. I 

passed into second and was pushing really hard to get Jace. I was right on 

him and he braked earlier then I thought he was going to. I swarved to go 

around him and spun on the again freshly water track right before our race. 

I got back going and it took me almost the entire lap to work back into 

second place. Jace now had a good jump on me and was driving really 

good. We were working through the class in front of us and I was really 

working to close the gap. Just before the white flag I was able to make the 

pass for first. I wanted to run the fastest lap I could to try to get away. 

( Photo Credits to Harlen Foley )

Jace was able to stay right with me and we continued to pass through the 

class in front of us. I was able to hold on for the win but really had to work 

for it after that mistake on the first lap and the poor starts. Thankful for the

Win in this one. 

Time to get some practice in to be more prepared for round 3. 

Levi De Keyrel #53

2021 Honda Talon 1000R 

Age 11

Montgomery TX 

Instagram: LeviTripp53, De_Keyrel_Racing 


Have an AMAZING day and GOD Bless

Thank You to all my sponsors: GOD, Progressive Powersports, PPEI, 

Jsportsxs, FOX Suspension, Maxxis Tires, Method Wheels, ​Kartek Off 

Road, Bell Racing, Axcel Sport, SSI Decals, HMF, PCI Radio’s, Sparco  

ABF Fabrication, Double E Racing

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