Barber 2015


Practice 1– I was feeling good. I love the track at Barber, but I quickly realized I was quite under powered. The track has a lot of stop and go, square it up, kind of corners, so that would not be an advantage for us. I honestly was just happy to be out there riding, because I didn’t think I was going to be riding at all.


Qualifying 1– I qualified 10th in Q. I was hoping for improvement in qualifying 2, because I knew I could do better.


Qualifying 2– We didn’t find anymore time in qualifying 2. I was running almost 2 seconds off the previous year and I was giving it everything I had. I was struggling mainly, because I think the bike was just not as fast as last year.


Race 1– I got a great jump and got right up in the race. The leaders started to gap right away, so I knew I needed to make some moves quickly. I passed Hayden going around Turn 2, then started to charge to get around Corey and Kyle Wyman. They started to make a little gap, but I closed it up and made my way passed both of them. Once I got passed them, and started to pull away I  was to far behind 8th place to catch up.  Only 10 laps remained, so I stayed calm and just held my position. Hayden passed me back with 7 laps to go.  I just waited behind him and planned my move. I wanted to make my move in a spot where he couldn’t retaliate and pass me back before the finish. So on lap 4, I decided that I would make my pass in the last corner. This move was very risky, because you absolutely have to make it happen. I was running up on him pretty good the, so on the last I gave him some room coming out of the second to last corner then hugged right next to him and when we made the flip back I was right up the inside and he had to check up before the straight away to the finish. I won the little battle I was in, but hoped to improve some stuff with the bike and get in the 7th & 8th battle.



Practice 2– Went good we tested some changes with the suspension and handling of the bike. I thought it was better, but it still wasn’t as good as last year.


Warm up 1– We made some changes hoping to make some improvements for the race, so we could hold the pace of the riders in front of me in R1.


Race 2– I got a good start and jumped right up in the battle and hung in there for a couple laps, but something felt different about the bike. I started to slip back a little and wasn’t getting the confidence I needed from the bike. The track was really greasy and I couldn’t hold the pace as the group in front of me, so I rode the rest of the race in a lonely 12th place.

Kaleb De Keyrel 51



       Free Practice 1 went pretty good, starting off with a good base line set up. We started making changes with suspension and trying to get the bike more comfortable. 
      Qualifying 1 started off decent. We were trying to up our pace right off the bat, but we were not  going much faster, so we tried some changes to the bike.  It was getting better, but we it wasn’t perfect yet, so we tried some more adjustments at the end of that session. We were sitting in 11th. 
Qualifying 2, I went out and got in a good group of fast riders. I was feeling good, but I made a mistake and they pulled away a little. I was just  riding by myself. After the red flag, I went out with Gabe Miller from the TOBC race team.  We were pulling each other around for the last final laps. I ended up qualifying 8th. 
Race 1, I got a decent start off the line. In the first turn Josh Serne past me on the outside. In turn 2, I was going to try and pass some people around the outside.  I ended up getting passed by another rider. Into turn 5, I was going to pass another rider up the inside, but wasn’t close enough.  I chose to hold off until the back straight and try to draft by. I got through turn 9 and 10 really good and clean and drafted by the rider in front of me. During the rest of the race Gabe Miller and I were battling back and fourth. We were kinda slowing each other down. It was Gabe miller, Josh Serne, Jody Barry, and two other riders battling for 5,6,7,and 8 position. I was going to  try and fight my way up on the 6th lap, until one of the riders in my group ran wide and tucked the front in the grass. A couple other riders around the track crashed and the race got cut short. I ended up 8th for that race. Hoping  I would get a better result in Race 2.




Race 2, I had a really good jump off the line, past a rider into turn 1 around the outside. I past another rider around the outside of turn 2. I felt I was in a good spot setting me up for the laps to come. I stayed in about 6th. I was going to draft by another rider going down the front straight and into turn . I couldn’t get by and came in too hot and tucked the front. I was super bummed, because I couldn’t finish the race. 
    I really gotta thank the Lord for keeping everyone safe this weekend no one got really hurt. I also have to thank all my sponsors and supporters. Thank you to and southeastsales. Thank you to Alan, Don, Kim, Dolora, Carson, Kyle, Kaleb DeKeyrel for helping out this weekend! Most important I have to thank my Dad for getting my bike perfect and setup for all the sessions this weekend! Thank you to my mom for staying patient and always staying positive during the weekends she can’t make it to.  Can’t wait to head to Miller Motorsports Park for the next round of the MotoAmerica Series. See you all there!
Mason De Keyrel #54
Thank You to all my sponsors: GOD,,, Cortech, Sportbike Track Time, Yamaha, HJC Helmets, Tagger Designs, Dunlop, Motorex, Trip 7, Evans, Vortex, CoreMoto,Pro Flow Tech, Sharkskinz, Impact Armor, TR, AIM Sports, Southeast Sales
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