I have never raced a dirt bike in the woods before and I had a small break in the MotoAmerica series, so my buddy wanted me to go try a hare scramble.


10999250_887460167962474_2664932045552641230_nA hare scramble is a race through the woods. A motocross track over tires, log pits, wood piles and other obstacles they decide to throw in! The race is also a dead start so you have to start your bike, then go!

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I got off the start in third place, which was good, because the first part of the race was dusty and not optimal for visibility. I got myself into the lead and never looked back.

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I tried to keep a consistent pace through the woods and go as fast as I could on the moto track. I finished lap one and had an amazing pit stop on lap two, which kept us in the lead. The pit stop was at the 1 hour mark in the 2 hour race and I was still feeling good.

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I had a comfortable lead for most of the race.  I just focused on being consistent and tried not to make any major mistakes. In the end, my plan worked. I ended up winning the race for 250B and the B overall.


Huge thank you to all my amazing sponsors who support me in every aspect of racing!

Kaleb De Keyrel #51

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