Outlaw Racing Series Rounds 5 & 6 ( May 13-15 )

Lots of people were upset to hear this one but for us it was a blessing from 

GOD. The company that we hired to fix my engine did get it back to us. 

They said that even with the extra 3-½ weeks that they had. They still did 

not have time to do the work they were hired to do. Long story short. It is in 

my Honda Talon but does not shift. It is at Progressive Powersports now

And Dave the technician is going through it to figure out the issue. After 

that it will go to Erik at PPEI to get a tune in it so I can get some testing in. 

In the meantime I have been doing my training and racing motocross to 

stay in shape. 

Also pitting in the time on the simulator in a Pro 4, Pro 2, F4 and 

Lamborghini. Thank You to all my Sponsor for your support and 


GOD, Progressive Powersports, RaceCo USA, PPEI, 

Double E Racing, Maxxis Tires, Keizer Wheels, HMF, SSI Decals, 

ALPINESTARS, Bell Racing, PCI Radio’s, Motive Engineering, MPI,

Antigravity Batteries, Aim Data, OGIO, Southern Adrenaline          

Levi De Keyrel #53

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