Rounds 3 and 4: ( 4-10-2022 )

A huge let down to my sponsors. 

This is yet another tough race write up to write as we did not make it to 

rounds 3 and 4 of the Texas OutLaw Series…… But we did go racing. 

Everyone pushed hard to make it happen but parts supplies held 

things up for us to get everything back together. George at Double E 

Racing offered up his back up car to use. My dad and I talked it over and 

decide we just could not risk something happening to his car also and 

having the cost to fix it on top of this. So we regroup to make the most of 

the weekend. As some of you may or maynot know. My brother Mason 

moved to Bentonville AR. To work for The Ride Series a Mountain Bike 

Coaching Team. Mason was going to be back in McKinney Texas for a 

clinic. So Saturday night we drove up to meet up with him for dinner.

It was great to see Mason again and get to see Rich. ( His Boss ) 

My dad made the long drive home as it was late and I slept in the back. We 

got home and everything was already loaded in the truck to leaving early to 

head out racing. I got up and again went back to sleep in the back seat as 

my dad drove. I woke up at the track ready to go racing. 

As we always try to make the most of every weekend and get exposure for

our AMAZING sponsors who support what I love to do. We hit up a 

Motocross race at IronDog MX. I had only been here one time before. I 

suited up in my FXR gear, Alpinestars boots and Bell Helmet to get out and 


I race a 2022 Yamaha YZ85 in the 85cc 12 -15 and 85cc Open class.

I am still learning and progressing as I just started riding in March of 2021.

I rode a PW 50 when I was 3 and then did not ride again till then. So last 

year I got a Honda CRF 110 from Progressive Power Sports. Then moved 

to a Yamaha YZ65 and started racing. I aged out of the 65cc class so 

moved up to the 85. Loving learning to ride and race on my Yamaha YZ85. 

Now that you are up to speed on me. It was time to go racing. 

The largest classes for the weekend were the 85cc class which was 

awesome to see. In the 85cc 12 -15 class I went 7- 6 for 7th overall and in 

the 85cc open class 11 – 8 for 9th overall. Had so much fun, continued 

to progress and keep learning but so ready to get back in my Honda Talon 

1000R to see how I can do in the Expert Class with the Outlaw Racing 


Thank You to all my Sponsors for sticking with me. 

GOD, Progressive Powersports, RaceCo USA, PPEI, 

Double E Racing, Maxxis Tires, Keizer Wheels, HMF, SSI Decals, 

ALPINESTARS, Bell Racing, PCI Radio’s, Motive Engineering, MPI,

Antigravity Batteries, Aim Data, OGIO, Southern Adrenaline          

Levi De Keyrel #53

My other brother was at COTA for MotoGP.

WE RACE…………… 

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