Texplex Round 8 ( 9-25-2020 )

I had already been missing a lot of school so my dad decided we would not 

do Friday Practice so I would not miss another day. This meant we had to 

leave the house at 3:15 am in order to make to Texplex in time for Saturday

morning practice. My dad had the tough part as he had to drive. I just go in 

and went back to sleep. 

When we arrived at Texplex it was still dark. We got unloaded and ready for


( Photo Credit Harlen Foley

After practice we had the riders meeting. It is always cool how Tex Honors 

Our Military, Firefighter, EMT’s, Law Enforcement, etc. and then does the 

National Anthem and Pledge The Legends. At Round 8 they had something 

Special planned……. They honored to Military Veterans that race with the 

Outlaw Racing Series with full paid entry for their races in the 2022 season. 

It was very cool.                Kyle Bedoow and Justin Moore

( Photo Bomb by Hunter Miller ) 

First up for me was the 1000 12+ Limited class. I had to start all the way on 

the outside. I got a good jump in my 2021 Honda Talon but it was not 

enough. I was pushed to the outside and had to take the long way around. I

was in 8th place. I knew I was going to have to push and make quick 

passes. I got up into 4th and 1-3 were already way out. I was not able to 

reel them in.

My second race of the day was the 1000 12+ Stock Class. In this race we 

are the third drop. Womens Expert first drop, Womens Amatuer second 

drop, then us. I got a great jump and took the holeshot. I pushed as hard to 

catch the womens amatuer competitors. I ended up catching them while 

still in a group. It made it tough to get by them. I got lucky and was able to 

make it happen quick. It was great to get a WIN. 

( Photo Credit Harlen Foley

For my second race in the Limited class I need to get a way better start. I 

was lined up right in the middle of the starting line. I set my launch control 

and the starter through the flag. I dropped the paddle shifters and launched 

forward. I got boxed in within the first three feet. My start was one 

competitor better in this race. I was sitting in 7th. This was not what I 

needed as Kaden, Jaden and Lane were driving really well. I was able to 

get up to the point where I might be able to start to battle with them and the 

race was already over. I ended up with 4th overall in the 1000 12+ Limited 


( Photo Credit Harlen Foley)

The second race of the 1000 12+ Stock class I was sleeping at the start. 

My dad’s words…. I went into the first turn in third place and started to 

charge to the front. After I was leading my class I was already into the 

Amatuer Womens class. I pushed my way through them without trying to 

mess up any of their race. 

It was a fun day of racing at Texplex for the Outlaw Racing Series. Time to 

load up and get home. Have to unload as soon as we get home and load 

up for the last round of the District 20 Motocross Series at Rio Bravo. 

Thank You to my Sponsors for making it possible: GOD, Progressive 

Powersports, Jsportsxs, PPEI, FOX, Double E Racing, Maxxis Tires, 

Method Wheels, Bell Racing, Tagger Designs,  Axcel Sport, SSI 

Decals, HMF, PCI Radio’s, Sparco, Motive Engineering           

Check out www.DeKeyrelRacing.com 

Photo Credit ( Harlen Foley ) 

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