TexPlex Round 7. ( 8-28-2021 )

Texplex Round 7 really started off the day after round 6. 

We got the car all washed up still on the trailer as we had no way to even 

get it off. Then we headed to TurnKey Industries to see the Owner Joe 

Nepoleon. Joe was kind enough to help us make sure the frame was 

straight and help us get things back into shape. Adam at JSportsxs 

got to making suspension parts first thing Monday morning so they could

get them out to us. Tuesday morning David and David at Progressive 

PowerSports put the order into Honda so we could get those parts coming 

also. I called and talked to Aaron at ABF fabrication about the cage and 

getting a new one. Everything came together and the last piece of the 

puzzle was brake lines from George at Double E Racing.  Then getting 

it on the Motive Engineering plates to make sure everything was back 

straight and true. 

We made it. It was race day for Round 7 of the Texas Outlaw Series. 

Round 7 was the Max Brill Memorial race and Maxxed Performance was 

sponsoring the Vet class for the day. ( Max loved racing and I am sure he 

Was looking down enjoying every minute of it ) 

First up for me was the 12+ 1000 Limited class. I was in third off the start 

and started to push to get to the front. By the fourth lap I was in the lead 

with lots of pressure from behind. I stayed focused and was able to hold 

them off for the win. 

( Photo Credit Harlen Foley )

Next up was the 12+ 1000 STK class. I went into turn one in second place. 

I was pushing really hard and Jace was staying in front of me. I was 

studying his line and where he was strong. We were the third drop for this 

race so as we were racing we were also passing through the womens 

amature racers.  I was coming up on one of them right as we were going to 

hit Mount Medilotian. The largest Jump on the track. My dad said the track 

is 30 feet wide don’t lift. 

( So cool Harlen was able to get this photo ) 

Then on lap three I saw my break. I made an outside pass to put myself 

into first. Jace stayed right with me the rest of the race pushing me the 

entire way. It was so much fun. 

Next race for me was back to the 12+ 1000 Limited class. I new this race 

was going to be tough. There are a lot of good young drivers in it. I am also 

running my same STK class Honda Talon in this race so I am down a little 

on HP and stability. But no complaining. I am going to push myself for the 

win again. 

( Photo Credit Harlen Foley)

I was in about third in the first turn and I made a mistake on the exist 

causing me to fall back into fifth. I was able to get into 2nd by the end of the 

second lap. Kaden was in the lead and pulling away. I pushed as hard as I 

could setting my fastest lap of the weekend in this race. Kaden was driving 

awesome running really fast laps and I was not able to real him in. I ended 

up with a 1-2 score and Kaden with a 2-1. So the overall would go to 

Kaden. I drove as hard as I could so I was happy with the second overall 

in the 12+ 1000 Limited class. 

( Photo Credit Harlen Foley)

Next up was the second to last race of the day. The 12+ 1000 STK class. I 

pulled the holeshot and never looked back. I stayed focused on picking the 

womens amatuer racers off one at a time. At one point I caught three of 

them in a battle themselves so it was a way outside pass to get by and not

mess up their battle either. 

( Photo Credit Harlen Foley

I had an absolute blast at Round 7 of the Texas Outlaw Series. The Max 

Brill Memorial Race. None of this would have been possible without my 

Sponsors and everyone who helped out: GOD, Progressive Powersports, 

Jsportsxs, PPEI, FOX, Double E Racing, Maxxis Tires, Method Wheels, 

​Bell Racing, Tagger Designs,  Axcel Sport, SSI Decals, HMF, PCI 

Radio’s, Sparco, Motive Engineering, Turnkey Industries          

Check out www.DeKeyrelRacing.com 

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