Levi De Keyrel WINS 2 classes at Round 5


The weekend started off with Friday practice from 11:00-1:00. Then it was 

time to get my Honda Talon all cleaned up and fitted with some Fresh 

Maxxis SC-1 tires and Method Race Wheels. 

Saturday Morning starts off with a few laps of practice then straight into the 

drivers meeting. Tex with Octane Media does a great job with announcing 

all day long and making sure at the drivers meeting we alway sing the  

national anthem, State The Pledge The Legions and Thanks all who have 

served. Brian with Butter Supply Co. announced that he has purchased the 

series and he has big things planned. 

First race up for me was the 1000 STK 12+ class. I got a great jump and 

Jace made an awesome move up the inside of me and took the lead. I 

knew I had to make a quick pass and get into the lead. I made my move 

and focused on fast clean laps. It was so much fun. 

Harlen Foley ( Photo Credit )

My second race of the day was a new class that was just added this 

weekend. It is the 1000 Limited 12+ class. This class allows you to add HP

with exhaust, intakes, programming etc. Sway Bars are legal and some 

other stuff. I was just running my 1000 STk class Talon. 

I got a terrible start and was sitting in second to last going into the second 

corner. The dust was flying and I was focused on making passes. When 

we came around to start the second lap I had worked my was up into 3rd 

place. I continued to push and make clean fast passes. I got into the lead 

and just kept focused on clean fast laps. I was able to hold on to take the 

WIN. It was time to try and cool off from the 100 degree Texas heat. 

Harlen Foley ( Photo Credit )

After the break, it was time for moto 2 of the 1000 STK class. I did not get a 

very good start and was sitting in 3rd. I made up my mind I was going to be 

leading by the time we came around for the start of the second lap. I was 

able to make two quick passes and take the lead. After that I just focused 

on clean fast laps and was able to get the WIN for first overall with a 1-1.

There was only one race and we were right back on the line for moto 2 of 

the 1000 Limited Class. I don’t know what it was with my starts but I again 

found myself near the back. I got hit so hard in the first turn it knocked my 

steering loose. I hit my PCI radio push to talk button to let my dad know. He 

said to just push through it as long as it stays together. I put on a charge for 

the front. 

It was so much fun battling and making passes. I worked into the lead and 

started to put in laps. With one lap to go my dad radioed me and let me 

know TJ was making a charge and that I better run a fast lap. I wanted the 

win as TJ was second in the first race so a 2-1 would have gave him the 

overall. We both ran our fastest lap of the race on the last lap and I was 

able to maintain my lead over him for the win. TJ put up a great fight. I think 

he was even late to the start. So a great drive by him. 

Had so much fun at Round 5 of the Texplex Racing Series by Butter 

Supply. Can’t wait for round 6. None of this would be possible without these 

Great sponsors. GOD, Progressive Powersports, Jsportsxs, PPEI, FOX, 

Double E Racing, Maxxis Tires, Method Wheels, ​Bell Racing, Tagger 

Designs,  Axcel Sport, SSI Decals, HMF, PCI Radio’s, Sparco, ABF, 

Motive Engineering 

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