TexPlex Warm Up Race 1-9-2021:

TexPlex held the first race of the season on 1-9-2021. It was not part of the 

scheduled race series that will start on Feb 20th 2021. So they called it a 

warm up race. 

There were lots of competitors that did not compete in this event but we felt

It would be a great way to get the first race jitters out of the way and get 

some exposure for our 2021 sponsors. It was a cold day with low spectator 

turn out but we made the most of it. Levi pulled the hole shot in race one 

and just worked on consistent laps to take the win.

We were not 100% ready for this race as you can see. We did not have our 

SSI Wrap on yet or our ABF Fabrication cage. So exposure for our 

sponsors was lacking on our end and we apologies for that.

In race two Levi again pulled the holeshot and drove an uncontested race 

to the win.  Thankful for our Maxxis Tire and Method Wheel combo to get 

him hooked up. We are working hard to get Levi’s Honda Talon 1000R 

completely finished for the start of the series so we can represent our 

sponsors how we know they should be. Looking forward to a great season. 

Thank You for your support in 2021. 

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