Weekend at Virginia International Raceway

Just got home from a weekend at Virginia International Raceway. What a weekend. It started off with a 22 1/2 hour drive. My Grandpa went with to help. My mom and Levi stayed at home because of a funeral. So it was just Me , Mason, My dad and Grandpa. The track at VIR was a blast. It took me a little bit to learn the track. I had practice on Friday and on Saturday practice Jake Lewis towed me around a couple of laps to show me lines. I could keep up until he started to turn it up. Than he would walk away on corner exits. ( I know what I need to work on )

First race up was the CCS 125 GP race on Saturday. I got an Ok start and was running 4th. I made the pass for 3rd and could not pull away. We battled all race and on the last lap last corner I was in 3rd. But the other rider got a better drive out of the corner and I ended up in 4th. My dad said it was Ok. You road a great race with one mistake. It just happened to be in the last corner. Shake it off, we still have more racing to do.

We had qualifying Saturday afternoon. After qualifying all of the Moriwakis went to the dyno to check HP. Stefano Mesa was lowest with 31.7 than us 32.1 and the highest was a new bike out of the crate that day that Jake Lewis road at 33.9 HP. Stuart said if anyone wanted to test there other bikes bring them up. My dad brought or RS 125 up. It ran at 35.0 HP. Stuart stated that it should have at least 39 Hp stock if not 42 HP. He said you are racing 48 to 52 Hp bikes. My dad tried to find a piston to rebuild it but no one had the one we needed. I would just try my hardest on what we had.

Sunday morning in practice Nobi Iso hooked up with me and towed me around a couple of laps. We got to the same point were I could no longer keep up on exit speed. First race of the day was USGPRU 125 GP. I was gridded way in the back from qualifying. I got an OK start and started to work my way up. I rode good and ended up with a 13th place finish. Next up was the Moto3 class. We were going to run the Moriwaki because it was not down as much HP as the RS, but I like the RS better and that is what I qualified on. So I ran the RS. I had a good start and was running 4th. Made a couple of mistakes and ended up in 5th. In the Moriwaki class on the first lap we were all running in a group. Cassidy tried to go from 4th to first and went down. Jake Lewis and I were involved. I stayed on track, Jake went off and Cassidy went down. I pushed as hard as I could and could not catch up. Jake passed me early in the race and ended up winning.

All in all it was a fun, Hot weekend. Racing, Train on the road bike (40 miles each day) and pool time. What a great way to spend a weekend. I know what I need to work on and need to focus on getting more track time. It took 23 1/2 HR to get home. Thank you to my dad and Grandpa for making the drive so I could race. Thank you to my brother Mason for the help in the pits this weekend too. Thank You to all of my sponsors for making this possible. NEXT RACE ROAD AMERICA July 2-4


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