May has been a big learning month

May has been a big learning month for us. It actually started in April fixing the RS 125 from the wreck at JenningsGP. From there we went to Road America in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin. Saturday was 44 degrees and pouring rain. It was Kaleb, Jeff May and 3 other riders in the expert session. There was plenty of track for the riders but standing water was everywhere. Kaleb tested the new rains we had just installed. The grip was great until he pushed a little to hard comming out of 7. Kaleb high sided comming out of 7 and slid all the way down the hill to 8 on top of the motorcycle. He was brought back to the camper by the pickup vehicle. I helped him unload the bike and Kaleb started crying. I asked him if he was ok and he said YES. So I asked him why are you crying. Kaleb said Dad I wrecked another bike. I told Kaleb we can fix the bike the most important thing is you are OK. We fixed what had to be fixed to get back out on track and I told Kaleb no holding back. Learn everything you can. Saturday started and ended in the rain. We spent the night with rain all night. Sunday was cancelled do to fog, cold temps and rain. We headed home for work on monday.

May 9th was a ride day at DCTC. DCTC is a truck driving course at a local collage that rents the track out for advanced riding schools. We use it for corner practice. Kaleb road the RS 125 all day to test it as we had just got it back togeather. Mason tested on the Moriwaki and was having trouble with the steering. We worked all day on front end pressure only to find out that the steering damper had a slight bend in the shaft and was sticking when leaned over. A new damper was ordered the next day.

May 22/23 we desided to head to a CCS race at Blackhawk Farms in Boliot IL. We had never been to this track and did not get to practice on friday because Kaleb had tests in school. We got to the track late friday night and set up for saturdays races. Saturday morning was 69 and 98% humidity. Practice was delayed due to fog. They only were going to get 2 practice sessions. I told Kaleb we are only here for practice. Just learn everything you can. First practice Kaleb got the meat ball flag for crossing the end of the blend line. 3 laps of practice

Second practice was 6 laps. Kaleb raced in the Light Weight GP Expert ( 10th)
GT lights Experts ( 11th ) and 125 GP ( 3rd )
On saturday Kaleb had the Light weight GP and 125 GP. There was great compation in both classes. Kaleb was pushing but not near as hard as he could. I just took it as he was still learning the track and gave him encouragement.

On sunday Kaleb had one race GT lights. He faught back and forth with four riders the whole race. Last lap Kaleb had them set up to pass coming out of 7 but a rider had just went down and the yellow flag was waving with no passing allowed. Kaleb was the nicest guy on the track all weekend. After the race I asked him why he did not take the line away when he had the chance. Kaleb said Dad you said we were just here for practice and I didn’t want the guy to miss the turn because I took his line and he was not expecting me to be that agressive. I told him your are right, but no more practice at the races. We are here to race. If you start giving in in practice. You will have that tendency in the race. From now on we are here to finishs as close to the front as you can and take every line you can. No brakes just results.

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