Links: To AMA Pro Road Racing from Road America Supersport Races 2014

If you missed the coverage of the Supersport races or any other races from Road America AMA Pro Road Races. You can watch them any time at

Here is a link to the Supersport races:

SuperSport Race 1: ( Lots of great exposure for Kaleb and his sponsors )

SuperSport Race 2: ( Kaleb goes from 12th to 3rd and gets nipped at the line by .002 for 3rd )

Looking forward to Barber in two weeks.

Kaleb De Keyrel #51

Thank You to all our sponsors for making the 2014 season possible: GOD,, Grandma/Grandpa De Keyrel,, Cortech, Sportbike Track Time, Yamaha, HJC Helmets, Tagger Designs, Dunlop, Worldwide, Motorex, Vortex, DARIUS, CoreMoto, Moto-D, Zero Gravity, Impact Armor, Galfer, Sidi, Pit Bull, Sharkskinz, TSE, TR

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