De Keyrel Racing would like to welcome the following new sponsors for 2014.

De Keyrel Racing would not even be racing this year, if it were not for all of our great sponsors. We would like to welcome the following new sponsors to the team for 2014:

For the best brake lines on the market. Please check out CoreMoto is always coming out with new products.

EarthX Batteries have great light weight batteries with the cranking power you need.

Darius is a shirt design company that are helping us offer our De Keyrel Racing shirts through their online store. There is also a signature shirt coming from Darius for our racer, Kaleb De Keyrel. Check it out at

Galfer is helping De Keyrel Racing with stopping power. Please check out their brake rotors at

Pit Bull Stands and trailer restraints are made of the highest quality.

Marsha Podein, Don/Dolora De Keyrel, Paula Patterson, Alan/Kim De Keyrel, Curt/Tonya De Keyrel, Jon Baklund, Donnie Graves, Darrin Burdine, Jason Blom

As I said earlier, this season would not be possible without all of our 2014 Sponsors. Please help us by supporting them. GOD BLess

Kaleb De Keyrel AMA #51

Thank You to all our sponsors:

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