If you missed it. Here is a link to here Pit Pass Radio

On Tuesday March 25, Pit Pass Radio did an interview with Kaleb De Keyrel.

If you missed it. Here is a link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/pitpassradio.com-radio-program/id434313630

I had a lot of fun. It was great to let people know about my program and who I am. Also was able to get a pug in for my sponsors. For without them we would not be racing.

Kaleb De Keyrel AMA #51

Thank You to all our sponsors: GOD, 1-855-CzaiaLaw.com, Grandma/Grandpa De Keyrel, CWS.net, Cortech, Sportbike Track Time, Yamaha, HJC Helmets, Tagger Designs, Dunlop, Worldwide, Motorex, Vortex, DARIUS, CoreMoto, EarthX Batteries, Moto-D, Zero Gravity, Impact Armor, Galfer, Sidi, Pit Bull, Sharkskinz, TSE, TR

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