CRA September 2012

12 yearold Mason De Keyrel wins the framsted cup

Every year The CRA ( Central Roadracing Association ) hold the Framsted race in honor of Don Framsted. The race is set up off of your time you ran in the throphy dash race. The racers are sellected and the grid is set. The slowest racer goes first than the next so many seconds later. It is all timed out so all racers come acrossed the finish line at the same time. This year the race was won by 12 yearold Mason De Keyrel. Congrats Mason

Saturday Races- Sprints- Kaleb

First up was MWSS. Kaleb had a bad start and was running about 5th. He pushed hard and managed to get a 3rd place finish out of it. Next up was HWSS. The field took off and made it 3/4 of a lap around and the red Flag flew. All the racers were pulled into hot pit and waited. They went out for another hot lap to warm up tires. On the restart the clutch went on Kalebs bike. He finished the lap and came into the pit. There was one race between Kalebs next race. His crew did a great job and got him back out on the track. Kaleb would be racing his B bike the rest of the day. UNLSS would be a tough race for Kaleb with all the 1000’s on track. Kaleb road great to a 8th place finish. Kaleb road hard all the rest of the day with 3- seconds, 2- thirds, 4th, 6th, 8th and a DNF.

Sprints- Mason

Masons day is easy to sum up. First in his class in all three races. Mason did not have it easy though. There was an expert on a very well built Moto3 bike with a built 450 motor. Mason kept him honest all day but came up short. In the process Masons lap times just kept coming down. Awesome Job Mason. Four wins for the weekend.

Sunday 5 Hour endurance

Kaleb was asked to race with Team Worldwide Machining and Welding. Owner John Anderson had had one rider back out. Than another get sick the morning of the race. The team and plans were changing fast. Kaleb was asked to fill in on the team. The only origanal member that was planned for the race that was left was owner John Anderson. As the pit was getting set up plans were being changed to work with the new team. The plan was a rear tire after 2 hours a front at 3 hours and a rear again at 4 hours.

Kaleb runs 3 hours of the 5 hour

Kaleb started the race and the plan was for him to run until the fuel light came on. We were think it would come on about hour and fifteen minutes in.

Kaleb got a great start and was running second. One of the GP4 teams was leading the way. The fuel light came on at 58 minutes.

Here is a link to a video 4 laps in.!/jerryanton3

Kaleb finished the lap and signaled he was coming in. Team Worldwide did a fuel only stop. Pat Stewart was the second rider on the bike.

Pat Stewart runs 44 minutes on cords

Kaleb back on for the third stint

Pat came in after 44 minutes as he was running on cords. The Worldwide crew had a great stop with Fuel and a rear tire. Kaleb would again ride until the light would come on. Plans had changed for pit stops. Each stop would require fuel and at least a rear tire. Kaleb rode consistant 1:44’s all day. The third stint was coming to an end at the one hour mark. Kaleb signaled he was coming in. The crew set up for fuel a front tire and a rear tire. John Anderson would be the next rider.
The pit stop went ok. The crew fueled fast. Got the rear tire quickly. The stop was going great until it came time for the front tire change. No one brought the front tire stand over the wall. It was a minor clitch and John was on the track.

Kaleb backout for the final stint

John Anderson rode a 35 minute stint. John came in for fuel and a rear tire. Pat went out for a 40 minute stint. Team Worldwide pitted for the last time with fuel and a rear tire. Kaleb went out to finish the last hour of the race. With five minutes to go Shane passed Kaleb to put Team Worldwide down one more lap. Kaleb was going to have none of that. The next lap around Kaleb had taken the lap back. Everyone on the wall went krazy. When they came around for the white flag Kaleb was still ahead. Shane was right there ready to punce. On the last lap coming out of turn ten it was Shane with Kaleb on him. They crossed the line with Shane, the third place team getting put a lap down and Kaleb. It was a great race. Team world wide finished 1st in class and second overall.

Thank you

Thank you to John Anderson of Team Worldwide Maching and Welding for letting Kaleb be on your endurance team.

Thank You to De Keyrel Racings Sponsors:

GOD,, Worldwide Machining and Welding,, Cortech, HJC Helmets, Dunlop Tires, Silkolene, Tucker Rocky, Yamaha Champions School, Sportbike Track Time, Zero Gravity,,, Tousley Motorsports, Vortex, Akrapovic, Shark skinz, Race Batteries USA, Spiegler Performance, Impact Armour, Sidi, Simply Sport Bikes, KWS, Grandma/Grandpa De Keyrel

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