Levi De Keyrel is the: 2021 Outlaw Racing Series 1000 AM STK and 1000 AM LTD Champion.

Round 10/11                                        11/ 5-8/ 2021

Friday morning we left the house at 5:00 am to be able to get to Texplex 

for Morning practice. My dad drove and I got in and went straight back to 

bed. I woke up when we pulled in to get some Chick-fil a for breakfast right 

before we pulled into the track. 

When we pulled in we were not prepared for what we saw. No one could 

get into the paddock because of all the mud. The Lindamood Demolition 

crew was hard at work with a big payloader and a vibrating roller. They 

worked non stop all day to make sure everyone could get to their pit spots. 

We got in about 11:00 and set up the pit and got ready for practice. We 

waited till the 5:00 practice and decided it was still to wet and decide to wait 

till morning. 

We rolled into the track at 6:30 am on Saturday to make sure I was able to 

get the full ½ hour session in starting at 7:45. We had made some changes 

to my Honda Talon 1000R and they were feeling really good. After practice 

we had the drivers meeting at 8:30 and then straight into racing. I was race 

2 and 6 for the day. First up was the 1000 AM LTD Class. 

I lined up about in the center on the start to give me the option of outside 

or inside in the first turn split lane. The outside was a little faster but I 

wanted the option incase of a poor jump on my part. I went into the first turn 

in 5th and the first 4 went outside. So I dove into the inside line to try to 

make it happen. I came out in third and started to push. Jaden was in first 

and starting to pull away. Kaden Isabella and I were pushing hard to real 

him back in. When we started to get closer he spun a little and we got right 

up on him. We were all running together and Kaden rear hub broke and his 

wheel went flying off. I avoided hitting him and was up into 2nd. Jaden 

made a mistake and hooked a wheel and rolled his car putting me into the 

lead.  I continued to push to see how fast of lap time I could run. I am 

always comparing to see how I stack up against the Experts. It was great to 

get the win in my first race of the day and it was also the first time my 

Brother Kaleb and My Mom have seen me race. 

Next up for me was race 6 the 1000 AM STK class. I already had the 

championship locked up in this class. So I decided to give the other 

competitors a chance at the win. I sat at the line until the Expert Womens 

class was almost coming around. ( They were the first drop and we were 

the third ) I worked on my start and then pushed to see how fast of lap I 

could run. I ran hard for two laps and then back off to make sure I did not 

get in the mix of anything. 

There was a short intermission and I was back up for the 1000 AM LTD 

class. I was going to need to be driving great as there are a lot of fast guys 

in this class. I decided to not do launch control on the start and just foot it. I 

got a great jump and was into 2nd. Jaden was leading and Kaden was right 

behind me. We ran hard all race and that is just how we finished. 2nd was 

enough to give me the overall and stretch my small one point lead in the 

championship to 6. 

In the 1000 AM STK class I again just focused on lap times and stayed out 

of the race. 

We cleaned everything up and my brother headed home and we went to 

the hotel. 

Sunday morning the hotel clock was off by an hour as it did not change for 

the time change.  For about a minute we thought we were running late then 

my dad looked at his phone. 

There was a sight lap to see the track changes and races started at 7:30. 

Sunday I was race 3 and 6. First up for me was the 1000 AM LTD class. 

Jaden got the holeshot, Kaden was in second, Briar was in third and I was 

in 4th. We were all running neck and neck. I was trying to put the pass on 

Briar and Jaden’s wheel went flying off. It was not a good weekend for the 

RS1 drivers in my class. We all had to check up and Briar got a good jump 

on me. I realed him back in and was not able to make the pass and finished  


In the 1000 AM STK I again worked on lap times and did not get in the mix 

of things. 

I needed one more good race to wrap up the championship in the 1000 AM 

LTD class. It was go time. I remembered Erik Fontenot from PPEI saying 

that launch control works awesome on the black top. When I got up to the 

starting line I picked a spot that was total blue groove. I got a great jump 

and was in second placing going into the first turn.  Kaden and Briar went 

outside and I got shuffled back to 3rd. Kaden was gone and Briar and I 

had nothing for him. Briar and I battled all race It came down to the final 

corner and he just beat me out. I finished third in the race but it was enough 

to get the championship. 

I still had race 6 the 1000 AM STK class to go. This time my dad had me 

wait till they were coming over the hill before he let me go and I had to drive 

in Manual mode all race and try to stay ahead of them. I had drove a little in 

full manual mode but not a lot. It was so much fun.

We loaded everything up and it was time to head to the banquet. 

Brian Adkison the owner of Outlaw Racing Series had a great Nacho bar 

for everyone and it was time for the awards. 

1000 AM STK 

  1000 AM LTD 

None of this would have been possible first of without Brian Adkison 

taking over the series and keeping it going. He really has done an amazing 

job this year giving us a great series to race. 

My personal sponsors who got behind a kid that had never driven a SXS 



Progressive Power Sports: Bobby, Mike, David, David and Quin

Jsport SXS: Adam and Jeff

PPEI: Kory, Erik, Jacob and the rest of the guys

SSI Decals: Ian

Double E Racing: George 

Maxxis Tires: Dean, Rick, Dave, Mike

Method Race Wheels: Steven


Bell Racing: Tim

Axcel Sports: John

HMF: Brian

PCI Radios: Brandon

Sparco: Chris

Motive Engineering: Zane

ABF: Aaron

Thank You. Looking Forward to the 2022 season

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