Homestead Miami speedway!

The trip down to Homestead started off leaving Jennings GP and going to the AMA headquarters to exchange my 2014 credential. Then we made our way down to Shark Skinz to pick up some new bodywork for the 2014 season. The next stop was Sarasota, FL to stop at Donny Wrights and Roaring Toyz to get a tour of both there shops. We got to workouts in why in Sarasota. Than it was off to Palm Beach. We went to Sean Dwyers house and stayed there for a couple days. We worked on bikes and did a crossfit workout. We got to go the beach too that was really fun! Thank You to Donny and the Dwyers for opening their homes up to us.

We then made our way to Sean Prieto’s shop and went out to lunch at a really cool place right on the water called The Cove. We then made the rest of the drive down to Homestead. We got another workout in and headed to the track to sleep for the night.

We got up Saturday morning and set up and ready for practice.

I had never been to the track before so I needed all the track time I could get but unfortunately I really didn’t get that much track time because of red flags. There were a lot of people pushing and crashing. I got an Idea of where the track went and was ready for the racing!

The first race I went into turn 10 way to hot on the first lap. I had to ride around the banking. I re entered the track in 15th place and then I started to push and worked my way back up into 9th place. The next race I finished 7th and was feeling better but the lap times were still not as fast as the top 3 riders. I felt good with how tough the competition was but I still knew I could make up time in a couple areas. The third race I got 10th. I was still trying to get the set up and bring the lap times down. I talked with my dad. We made some changes with suspension that we thought would help and they did! The next race started off really good I was running in third place then a rider hit the back of my bike. The back end of my bike stepped out and luckily I saved it. I got bumped back a few positions. I finished in 7th and did my fastest lap time of the weekend a 1.28.4. That was the last race unfortunately. We learned a lot and I will brig that knowledge with me into the first round of the AMA Pro Supersport Championship at Daytona!

To wrap up the Florida trip. We had 4212 miles when we got home. Slept in the van 7 nights. Went through 2 loafs of bread, a jar of peanut butter, 2 bottles of jelly. A 29-1/2 hour drive home and I had a lot of fun. Thank You to my mom and dad for making it all possible.

Kaleb De Keyrel #51

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